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About Our Company

United Design and Build has been managing the construction of new homes, residential renovations, commercial build-outs to the satisfaction of hundreds of clients. we provide Project manger for courteous service to our clients. We aim to provide an organized and value-added experience to our customers. In the process, we will continue to build long-term relationships with individuals and companies. We are open for 7 days a week, to fulfil our clients all the requirements regarding the projects.

The United Design and Build name symbolises the best in innovation, creativity and technological mastery, befitting for a Group that harnesses a culture of innovation to deliver technical expertise in tackling the most complex of projects.

United Design and Build is a different type of building business. We are committed to clear communication and a friendly approach. Our team of employees and colleagues are all handpicked to share our ideals. In fact we’d like to think that the team at United Design and Build is what makes us exceptional. The expertise and camaraderie of our managers, builders, carpenters, decorators and office staff are the most important tools we bring to your project.


Our Professional Approch

We remain professional at all times. We treat each customer with the respect. We are always around when you need us. Whether it is just for an inspection to make sure things are okay, a small or big issue, we are here to assist. We only hire the best of the best, and we can reassure you that our entire team is responsible. We take safety precautions seriously.


Quick in Response

Client Satisfaction

High Quality Work

Safety Precautions

24/7 Assistance

Senior Project Engineer
years at PC
What we say: Always looking for the best solution, Travis designed a low-budget alternative to an expensive pneumatic transport system during a jewelry store renovation. The result: $11,000 saved and another happy client!