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Our Projects

United Design and Build has been managing the construction of new homes, residential renovations, commercial build-outs to the satisfaction of hundreds of clients. Our projects are consistently done in the timeframe. We respect your time and we want to ensure that all projects are finished with accuracy on time, at all times.

United Design and Build is run by a highly qualified and experienced, hands-on management team who are passionate about every project they undertake. We are proud of our long serving direct labour force. Many have been with the company since leaving school. We have excellent working relationships with specialist sub-contractors which enables us to carry out a wide range of building and construction projects with quality assured.

Our Recent Work

Senior Project Engineer
years at PC
What we say: Always looking for the best solution, Travis designed a low-budget alternative to an expensive pneumatic transport system during a jewelry store renovation. The result: $11,000 saved and another happy client!